Ladies, Start Your Shopping! What to Wear to Formula 1™

Formula 1™ is one of the world's most elite, lavish and glamorous sporting events. From the Paddock Club, celebrities, Private Suites, the free flowing champagne and caviar, to the roar of the engines that will make any spectator feel weak at the knees, it is the Place To Be.

With the most anticipated F1™ Grand Prix races quickly approaching, located in Monaco, Italy and Abu Dhabi, fashion is almost as important as the fuel that goes into the F1™ machines. So, what’s a gal supposed to do? For starters, those to-die-for Jimmy Choo stilettos are a no-no ladies –you’ll be covering a lot of ground that day.

Remember, Formula 1™ is a high-end affair, where women and men flaunt their style and sophistication all in good fun and taste. Now, the immediate question on everyone’s lips, especially you fashionistas is… “Oh my Gosh, WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!” Have no fear! We have put together a look book to make sure you’re ready for your big day at the circuit.

Your Look Book for Formula 1™

The great thing about fashion and F1™ is that you can rock many different looks. You can go for chic, Red Carpet, business casual or dgy, rock star looks; regardless, the choice is yours and we’re here to get you started.


Most important tip –you want to be comfortable, while having your personal glitz and glamour shining through. This is the perfect combo of both. You have the wide leg pants with the flirty understated crop top. Black and red make a statement, especially if you are a Ferrari fan. Ladies, you cannot go wrong with this look. 


 Bring your leather ladies, from leather jackets, boots, skirts, you name it, it will be worn in some form or another at Formula 1™. The sport is edgy with a flare of class, so wearing your best studded jacket and accessories will fit right in. 


Ah yes, vibrant colors are a total must! Besides the fact that bright colors and patterns are always in style, Formula 1™ has them all over the place - on the cars, in the VIP Hospitality venues, on the drivers, and most importantly on you! So pack your patterns. 


This is one of those "secret weapon" outfits. The best part about this outfit is that technically you're just wearing pants and a top but in actuality you look far more put together. Not to mention, black and white is always in style, add a little spice and you'll be set. 


Pastels, they look fabulous on just about everyone and are so pleasing to the eye. If you're in Abu Dhabi or Monaco, or where ever on the Grand Prix calender, this is the look that will get you featured in a F1™ magazine or even a brochure of some sort. Go for something free flowing, an outfit that can dance in the breeze. You'll feel like the VIP you always knew you were!

It’s Show Time!

Now that you know what to wear, it’s time to strut your stuff at an upcoming Formula 1™ race. As you know, attending any F1™ race around the world is about so much more than watching the race. It is about the Paddock, the VIP atmosphere, the parties, the meet & greets and the bubbly!

Circuit of The Americas Experiences' offers Official Ticket Packages that are notorious for providing the highest level of service, entertainment and most importantly, making you feel like royalty.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate group, you will enjoy an unforgettable weekend watching the world’s most exciting sport, accompanied by world class cuisine, fine wines, exceptional service and FASHION! So ladies, get your credit cards out, you are going to Formula 1™!

A big thank you to Samantha Smith for her personal images. For more information or a peak at her blog, click here: What Would Kiki Wear 


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