V8 Supercars Adds Volvo Polestar Racing Team for 2014

Volvo Jumps at the Opportunity

Last week, Volvo took this thriving year to announce its participation in the 2014 V8 Supercars™ series as the fifth manufacturer! The Volvo Polestar Racing team, branded through its partnership with Melbourne-based Garry Rogers Motorsport, will enter a pair of S60 sedans in the opening race of next year’s championship series.

Regardless of the Swedish manufacturer’s new presence in the V8 Supercars™ series, it is not new to Australian racing. In 1986, Volvo won the Australian Touring Car Championship, followed by a prosperous run in the 1990s Supertouring category.

To get a better idea of the extreme intensity, energy and force that Volvo will be bringing to the 2014 V8 Supercars™ series, check out this introductory video!

V8 Supercars in a Nutshell

In case you didn’t make it to any of the 2013 V8 Supercars™ races, here’s a quick view of what this sporting event is all about.

V8 Supercars™ is an Australian, futuristic sports car racing series unlike any other, and has made some major changes in the last few years to better the series and its participants. From 2008-2010, a plan and project was made and publicly unveiled to apply positive and cutting-edge modifications to all of the V8 cars – their fuel and electronic systems, engines, wheels, brakes and more. 

2013 Takes V8 to the Next Level

Despite many hesitations about the negative impact that these modern changes would have on new teams that entered the series, the sport grabbed the attention of many and has skyrocketed in popularity since. What started as an Australian-focused sport, spread to international appeal and expansion, which in turn, led to the first-ever series race being held in North America at the new Circuit of The Americas track in Austin, Texas!

2013 also brought some big names to the sport. What started with only two prestigious manufactures, including Ford (Falcons) and Holden (Commodores), led to the participation of four major manufactures by the start of the 2013 series. Nissan Altima entered the series under the new ‘Car of the Future’ regulations, along with Mercedes-Benz with several E63 AMGs.

This ‘Car of the Future’ made each car more cost-effective and safe, while creating a pathway for new manufacturer like Volvo to enter the series.

Get in on the Action

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