Get More Bang For Your Buck By Booking Your F1 Ticket Packages Early

     So you have decided to attend the Formula 1® race at Circuit of The Americas. Excellent decision! As you are getting excited about the race coming up in November, you begin to search Google for information about ticket packages to get the full F1 experience. After all, that is what this event is about – the experience. Well, after looking at all the different websites that come up that sell tickets and ticket packages to Formula 1® you get overwhelmed and decide to just push the process off to another day. That is where you make your biggest mistake.


     There are a lot of benefits to getting your F1 ticket packages early. As a result, you end up getting more “bang for your buck” because you have more options. Let me explain.

More Seat Selections

     Have you ever heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm?” Well, it is definitely a true statement with this F1 race. Circuit of the Americas is a huge venue with tons of turns and many places to sit. With that being said, each turn is not the same, making each seat a very different experience.

     If you book your package early, you can have your pick of the turns and seats allowing you to get exactly what you want. The earlier you book, the more inventory that is available for your selection. This also ensures that more packages are available so you can find the right match for you in your price range. 

Luxurious Accommodations

     When there is a big event in town, hotel rooms are hard to come by. Austin, Texas, is no exception when Formula 1® comes to town. Many hotels require you to stay a certain number of nights and they jump the price per night up higher because of the event. Plus, a lot of hotels are fully booked far in advance so it can be hard to find a place to stay.

     Circuit of The Americas Experiences block out rooms far enough in advance so you are guaranteed lodging at the regular price. However, there are not an unlimited amount of rooms, so it is imperative that you book early to be guaranteed a place!

     These luxurious accommodations also give you transportation to and from the Circuit of The Americas racetrack so you don’t have to worry about traffic and parking. This gives you much more time to relax and enjoy the Formula 1® experience.  

VIP Experiences

     All packages are not created equal. Each ticket package is created according to price. Depending on the F1 package you purchase, you could get the opportunity to have some amazing VIP experiences. 

     Take the Legends Club for example. Inside, there is gourmet food, an open or cash bar, TV coverage of the race, race simulators, and seating. Not to mention, there will be Racing Legend appearances. Additionally, inside the Legends Club, Formula 1® driver Esteban Gutiérrez will be making an appearance to take pictures and sign autographs with fans. 


     That is not an experience you can have with any package and the packages with the most VIP experiences tend to sell-out the quickest. Therefore, if you want opportunities like that in your Formula 1® experience, you do not want to wait to get your ticket packages.


     So what are you waiting for!? It’s time for you to book your Formula 1® Ticket Packages today!


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