Find Your Seat for F1® at Circuit of The Americas™

     Circuit of The Americas™ is a huge track with tons of seating areas, making it hard to figure out the best place to sit for the Formula 1™ race. It doesn’t help that ticket websites can get confusing with all the options they have available and their wordy descriptions. Sometimes we just want to see a picture! 

     So in my efforts to help you see where you would be sitting, I’ve compiled pictures of the different stands at different turns of the track so that you can make an informed and quick decision on what packages to purchase. 

     It’s time to put the car in drive and race forward to finding your seat for F1® at Circuit of The Americas™

Views From The Main Grandstand

     The Main Grandstand is right in the action. Located right below the stands is the start and finish line, not to mention the pit area. Sitting here, you would get to witness the fast changes of the pit crew, the start, and the finish. Not to mention, the Grandstand Big Screens cover the entire track action so you never miss a move. Also, your Hospitality Party Venue is located right around the corner, which gives you convenient access in between the racing action!

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COTA Main Grand Stand Formula 1 COTA Experiences QuintEvents

Views From Turn 1

     Turn 1 is a great location to watch the race! The stands are elevated to 133 feet giving you a spectacular view of Circuit of The Americas™. This turn gives you the opportunity to see the starting line and the main straight, while being right at the Legends Club where you can meet racing celebrities and legends.

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COTA Turn 1 Formula 1 COTA Experiences QuintEvents

View From Turn 5

     Turn 5 gives you an awesome vantage point of several different turns in the track, such as turns 16, 17, and 18. As the F1® cars race through the Esses, you can really see what these drivers are capable of.  Packages with this stand include an appearance by Mario Andretti and a performance by American Idol® winner, Taylor Hicks.

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turn 5

View From Turn 12

     From the high stands in Turn 12, you can see most of Circuit of The Americas™, allowing you to catch most of the action. From the lower seats in the stands, you get a close-up view of the drivers as the maneuvers the twists and turns. Packages with this turn also give you access to the Legends Club to meet some of racing’s biggest celebrities.

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turn 12

View From Turn 15

     Turn 15 puts you the best position to see the action up-close. As the F1® cars exit the turn, you get to see how fast they can accelerate in just seconds. In addition to putting you next to COTA’s Grand Plaza, you also get access to the Legends Club with this package.

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COTA Turn 15 Formula 1 COTA Experiences QuintEvents

     You’ve now had an opportunity to get an inside look at all the seating areas that Circuit of The Americas™ offers. So what are you waiting for?! It’s time to book your F1® experience today!


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