How MotoGP™ Will End Boredom As We Know It

Anyone who has ever watched any style of motorsport or auto racing knows that there hits a point in most races where you find yourself looking for something else to do until it gets to the “good stuff”. For the die hard race fans out there, this has never and most likely will never be a problem for you. But for those of you who understand this feeling and have ever had trouble getting into motorsport racing because of it, MotoGP™ has the solution – or numerous solutions for that matter – to keep you engaged the entire race, every single race.

History in the making

When it comes to Marc Marquez, there’s no myth about this legend. Marquez is the number one driver in MotoGP™ right now and doesn’t plan to move from that spot any time soon. He started his record-breaking streak at the 2013 Grand Prix of The Americas in Austin, Texas, where he was dubbed the youngest driver in history to ever win a MotoGP™ race at 20-years-old. 


Since then, he has won five of the 11 races completed (including last weekend’s Grand Prix of the Czech Republic) and earned a spot on the podium for 10 of them. He also earned the exceptional distinction of winning all three of the American races at the Circuit of The Americas™, the Mazda Raceway and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

One-of-a-Kind Racing

MotoGP™, along with its fan base, is definitely one-of-a-kind.  Many motorsports see the same fans from race to race because of their love for racing in general. On the other hand, MotoGP™ has its own demographic, including a loyal fan base from all-around race lovers to motorcycle riders and dirt bike enthusiasts to anyone who just likes the rush of an adrenaline-filled atmosphere. And don’t forget, these devoted fans travel from all around the world.

But, why is this style of racing that much different than any other kind of racing? Some say the bikes make all the difference, because watching these powerhouses zip by at over 200pmh leaves anyone watching in person or on TV in awe. Others say the athleticism of the drivers is what keeps them on their toes, as they strategically thrust their entire bodies just above the ground at every single turn. The combination of the two makes for an crazy sight to see live that is too unbelievable to explain. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the famous MotoGP™ lean.

 MotoGP Lean

There’s No Place Like a MotoG™ Track

Not only is the excitement of a MotoGP™ race a step up from most races, or sports in general, but the entertainment that takes place at every race will keep you focused before, during and after. Exciting events are offered throughout each race, from VIP Paddock tours and Pit Lane Walks, to taking pictures with the teams’ umbrella girls and catching some live music. 

All of this offered to make your experience one to remember, but with MotoGP™, the race itself keeps you engrossed the entire time. Each race is a Championship that matters as much as the race before it as it will the race after, and the drivers and teams only have 45 minutes to prove themselves in that Championship race. 

Sick of watching it from home or have never experienced MotoGP™ race? You can choose to watch it live from numerous exciting turns at tracks all over the world! Starting with this weekend’s British Grand Prix at the famous Silverstone race track. Circuit of the Americas

See a MotoGP Race Live


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