Official MotoGP™ Ticket Packages Better Than Ever Before!

This April, the world’s most skilled riders will compete in the MotoGP™ World Championship at Circuit of The Americas. Last year, motoracing fans gathered from all around the world in Austin, Texas to watch Marc Marquez become the youngest rider to ever win a MotoGP™ championship. Based on the races that have already been taking place this year, the 2014 race at Circuit of The Americas is looking to be just as intense.

Now, this is the good part. Last year Circuit of The Americas Experiences brought you Official Ticket Packages to MotoGP™ that had great inclusions and VIP opportunities to make your experience in Austin unbelievable. Well, if you can even imagine, these ticket packages have gotten even better for this year!


MotoGP™ Official Ticket Packages

There are so many different things that make Official Circuit of The Americas Experiences Ticket Packages stand apart. Let’s start with the fact that they’re direct from the source. You will have the peace of mind that there is no risk when purchasing your tickets and the knowledge that all your inclusions are guaranteed.

In addition, since these are ticket “packages,” everything is bundled into one fixed price with no hidden fees!

Another great feature is that with Official Ticket Packages you will receive early shipping, meaning that your ticket will be in your hands weeks before the race. Plus, since Circuit of The Americas Experiences accommodates large groups and corporate functions, you have the guarantee that your whole group can sit together, not be spread out across the stands.

Are you convinced yet? Take a look at what the Official 2014 MotoGP™ Ticket Package includes:

VIP Access

With MotoGP™ ticket packages, you’ll receive VIP access to an in-track hospitality venue all weekend long. This venue will open when the track opens in the morning and will be available to you until the end of the races each day. Here you’ll receive complimentary gourmet food, a premium open bar, comfortable seating and closed circuit TV coverage of the races.

With so many races all day long, it can get tiring being in the stands the entire time. The hospitality venue offers a great place to relax out of the Austin elements and still be able to watch the race. Since it’s inside Circuit of The Americas, you don’t have to worry about leaving and reentering the track. Plus, if you and your group happen to get disconnected, it’s a great place to meet up.

Official Ticket Packages also grant you VIP Access to private security entrances, allowing you to skip the crowds, access to the Pit Lane Walk, celebrity appearances and more!

Exclusive Inclusions

Circuit of The Americas Experiences Announcements 2014 MotoGP Suzuki Austin TestRemember that bundled concept mentioned earlier? This is where that comes in. MotoGP™ draws in a huge crowd to Austin and booking a hotel or getting transportation to Circuit of The Americas can be difficult. Luckily, Official MotoGP™ Ticket Packages include these items!

Circuit of The Americas Experiences offers luxurious accommodations in their ticket packages. This means that you can opt for hotel when you’re selecting your package, taking part of the trip planning off your hands.

In addition, transportation can be included to and from the hotel. Traffic and parking becomes very hectic when so many people are arriving at the track at once. With this option, you can get picked up in the morning and dropped off at night, allowing you to relax instead of stress out about traffic.

At the track, there is also an in-circuit track shuttle than will take you and your group around to different turns. This way, you can see all the vantage points of Circuit of The Americas without having to make the trek along the outside.

MotoGP™ World Championship Official Ticket Packages have just gotten better and you’re getting the exclusive first look! Get more information on Circuit of The Americas Experiences ticket packages today to find out how you can be at MotoGP™ this April!


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