Experience F1® From All Angles With a Multi-Turn Ticket Package

Have you ever attended a Formula 1™ race and thought, “This is great, but it’d be even better if I could see more of the track!”? Or maybe you’re planning on attending your first race and you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the action. Well, Circuit of The Americas Experiences has granted those wishes!

Circuit of The Americas is a huge track – that’s no secret! The track is 3.4 miles of twists and turns that you don’t want to miss. All of the stands offer great views of this fast paced action, but each one offers a different view. For example, you could be in Turn 12 and be completely oblivious to what is happening at Turn 5! Granted, there are big screens so you can keep up with the action, but when you’re attending the race, you want to see it!

So what’s the fix? Official Multi-Turn Ticket Packages! Think about it! With these ticket packages, you can now watch F1® the way it was meant to be watched, from different vantage points!

Interested? Of course you are! Check out how the awesome vantage points you could have:

Turn 5

One of the greatest things about Turn 5 is that it’s an open area, meaning that you can see Turns 16, 17 and 18 as well. The Formula 1™ drivers are forced to show their skill as they race through the Esses and it allows you to see exactly what they are capable of.

Turn 5 Circuit of The Americas Experiences Multi Turn Package

Turn 12

What makes Turn 12 unique is that you could have a completely different race experience from the top and bottom of the stands. From the higher portion of the stands, you can see majority of Circuit of The Americas. However, from the lower part of the stands, you can get up close view of the drivers as they maneuver the twists and turns.

Turn 12 Circuit of The Americas Multi Turn Package

Turn 15

Turn 15 allows you to see the true power of a Formula 1™ car. As the cars exit the turn, they accelerate in a matter of seconds and you get to see the action up close! This Turn is also located next to the Grand Plaza.

Turn 15 Circuit of The Americas Experiences Multi Turn Package

Formula 1™ Official Multi-Turn Ticket Package Inclusions

Multi-Turn ticket packages have other great inclusions besides letting you have a different point of view each day at the track. For starters, this ticket package grants you access to the Exclusive Circuit Tour and Party when you arrive Thursday. This party features behind the scenes tours of the track and a private performance by American Idol® winner, Taylor Hicks. You know who else you could meet at this party? Mario Andretti!

Then you get to select whether or not you want to be a part of Lunch with a Legend or if you want access to the Legends Club Hospitality Area.

  • Lunch with a Legend: Held on Friday afternoon inside the Legends Club. You can have a gourmet lunch with beer, wine and champagne while participating in a Q&A Session with Sir Jackie Stewart!

  • Legends Club: Enjoy access to hospitality during the races on Saturday and Sunday. Inside the Legends Club you’ll enjoy complimentary soft beverages and a cash bar for premium beverages inside a climate controlled venue. You’ll also find gourmet food buffets and closed circuit TV coverage of the race, so even though you stepped in out of the elements, you won’t miss a minute of the action.

Inside the Legends Club, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet Team Sauber Driver, Esteban Gutiérrez!

Finally, your Official Formula 1™ Multi-Turn Ticket Package includes luxurious hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the track, and an exclusive Fast Access Pass allowing you to enter the track in the VIP line. You will also have a complimentary in-track shuttle that will take you to and from the turns so you don’t have to walk the distance.

Does the F1® Multi-Turn ticket package sound like the best experience for you? Then find out how you can see Formula 1™ how it was meant to be seen from different turns at Circuit of The Americas!


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