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Have you ever avoided asking a question afraid of how in-depth the answer will be?

Well, in case you are unfamiliar with the world-famous auto racing sport, Formula 1™, we are going to give you the fastest overview of the most comprehensive sport. Get ready to master the five W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why) of F1® in under five minutes.

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WHAT is Formula 1?
www.f1aldia.comFormula 1™ is the worlds’ most exhilarating, glamorous and demanding motor racing series, as it reins the title of the highest-class and most prestigious of single-seater auto racing ever to exist. It is sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), giving the series the name FIA Formula One World Championship.

Over the last six decades, F1® has become the most popular annual sporting series in the world!


WHO races?

Formula 1™ drivers are some of the most highly conditioned athletes out there. They train year-round to make sure that their bodies are specifically adapted to the exact requirements of the single-seater and to make sure that they nail every turn with perfection.

WHEN do the races take place?
The first Formula 1 race in history took place over six decades ago on May 13, 1950 and is only getting bigger and better every year following. The series lasts for nine months out of each year, typically starting in March and wrapping up in November. After wrapping up the Indian Grand Prix this past weekend, this year’s championship schedule only has three races left and they are taking place on three of the best racetracks ever created!

Remaining Series Races:
• November 3rd Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
• November 17th United States Grand Prix
• November 24th Brazilian Grand Prix


WHERE do the races take place?
In 2013, the F1® Championship series consisted of 19 races across the globe, including the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit, which was the location of the first-ever F1® race 63 years ago, and the one and only United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of The Americas™ in Austin, Texas.


F12 USGP Sports Event Of The Year

Although the sport is still not as popular in the U.S. as it may be in other countries, the 2013 USGP is more highly anticipated than ever after the 2012 F1® USGP was named the “Sports Event of the Year” by Sports Business Journal!



WHY is this sport so popular?
The real question should be, “Why WOULDN’T this sport be popular?”

It has international appeal, some of the fastest cars in motor sports (and on Earth) and enough prestige to attract celebrities of all types including musicians, athletes and movie stars like Nichole Galicia, Taboo and more!

nichole galicia, taboo

The major advantage of attending this race series is that the diehard fans and corporate clients can enjoy the races in VIP fashion, with exclusive access to hospitality, transportation, entertainment and behind-the-scenes action – all while mixing and mingling with world-renowned F1® drivers and celebrities!

drivers and celebrities

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