2014 F1 Car Unveilings: Our Vote For Ferrari's New Car

As Formula 1™ gets closer to the 2014 season – although it feels like the 2013 season just ended - all teams, drivers, and cars are changing and improving to fit the new guidelines and the increasing talent.

The most exciting thing happening is the unveiling of all of the new F1® cars to fit the new restrictions, and teams are starting to reveal their cars now - some with the help of their fans. The next few days will be packed, with Williams revealing their car today, Ferrari on Saturday, Sauber on Sunday, Toro Rosso on Monday and more to follow!

Force India was the first to reveal a picture of their new car, giving fans an opportunity to see how the new rules and regulations affected the look and shape of a Formula 1™ car. This is what they saw.

The team that unveiled their actual car today broke the silence on the look of the 2014 F1® car with an unexpected visual that many weren’t planning to see. The new car, Williams’ Merecedes FW36, was revealed today and fans were torn on the new look. Tell us what you think about it!

The new rules and regulations make all of the teams’ car unveilings more exciting this year than every before, because every one will look very unique compared to their competitors and past years.

Although all of these revelations are exciting, the most highly anticipated car is the new Ferrari. Not only because of the popularity of the Ferrari team and the anticipation on the new look, but because they are letting their fans name it! Voting has been taking place for the last few weeks, and will end in the next day.

Since our office gets into anything going on in the F1® world, I decided to hold our own Ferrari naming competition before telling them what the options were – And here is what I got in return:

Niala and Jaclyn – our Inbound Marketing Coordinators – were on the same track with their Ferrari name and immediately made me picture the F1® car flying down the track. Other names, not so much. So below, every name will also include an image to show what I pictured what I heard the name. Here we go!


Niala – Ferrari Velocita
Jaclyn – Ferrari Veloce
And this is what I pictured.


Staff: Jeet, Application Developer
Name: Ferrari "Spark"
What I pictured:


Pretty good, but now to the not so easy-to-picture names I was given.

Staff: Kelli, Inbound Marketing Coordinator
Name: Senza Limiti Ferrari (Italian for "limitless")
What I pictured: (Honestly, how could you not?)


Staff: Matt, Director of Marketing and Business Development
Name: Italian Stallion
What I pictured:


Staff: Erik, Marketing Designer
Name: Excalibur VIII
What I pictured:


Staff: Mark, Marketing Designer
Name: The F13 Mazzini or La Giovine F1
What I pictured: (Guiseppe Mazzini)


And last but DEFINITELY not least...

Staff: Lauren, Marketing Designer
Name: Turbo

I didn’t have to picture anything for this idea because she sent a picture with it. Little did she know, that Ferrari fans were thinking the same thing with F166 Turbo in second in the voting polls!


Take a look at the polls for yourself, and vote! http://2014f1car.ferrari.com/en/#choose  

Want to see the new F1® cars for yourself? Attend the 2014 Formula 1World Championship!

Attend F1 2014!

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