New 2014 Formula 1 Cars Are Revealed

All of the remaining 2014 Formula One™ cars were finally revealed and tested yesterday at Jerez  – other than Marussia due to a technical glitch. The brand new cars’ noses, engines and unique features, some liked and other disliked, are just some of many things talked about after the launches.

Force India
Force India was the first to release an image of the new 2014 Mercedes VJMO7. This is always exciting for fans to see the first car each year, but this year was even more anticipated since all of the cars were guaranteed to look completely different than they ever have before. The fan debate over the new features, especially the “unappealing” nose was overwhelming.

“Almost every single part is a new design, from the front wing right back to the diffuser,” said technical director Andrew Green. “The genetics of the VJM07 still lie in the 2013 car, but we've had to achieve the same results in a slightly different way.” –

The FW36 was the second car revealed and was an exciting launch for fans, as it advanced more than ever imaginable after signing a deal with Mercedes. Thanks to its borrowed technology, Williams has an eight-speed transmission for the first time.

"There's a lot more technology on the cars this year," Williams chief technical officer Pat Symonds said in a statement. "We've had turbocharged engines in F1 before; what's different this time is that it is much more than just an engine change, it is a completely different system.” –

While Force India and Williams were the first to show pictures of their cars, McLaren was the first to fully unveil its 2014 car. The plain silver caught everyone’s eye along with the Mercedes-Benz PU106A Hybrid’s 8-speed transmission and multi-plate, slip-resistant clutch.

Ferrari was the most talked about car well before its launch date as the team allowed their fans to vote for the new Ferrari’s name. After over 1.1 million votes were casted, the decision was made on January 24th, with the name F14 T, just barely beating F166 Turbo.

Even after the fans’ name was revealed, the F14 T stayed in hiding until yesterday’s testing in Jerez. This was one of two teams that gave a tribute to Ferrari’s 10-year driver and F1® legend, Michael Schumacher promoting the Italian hashtag #ForzaMichael with their launch.

Mercedes’ complex F1 WO5 was revealed at Jerez, along with most of the F1® cars, and was the second team to dedicate their car to two-time Mercedes driver, Michael Schumacher. This dedication was not only shown at the unveiling, but was plastered on the car with the hashtag #KeepFightingMichael.

"It is always exciting to pull the wraps off a new car for the first time but even more so at the start of this momentous 2014 season,” said the Mercedes team’s executive director (business), Toto Wolff. “Our new Silver Arrow is the result of a single-minded, integrated approach between our engineering teams." -

Red Bull 
Red Bull Racing is one of the most successful teams in Formula 1™ and unveiled its RB10 which they hope will get the team to its fifth consecutive Championship victory. The Renault-powered machine went for a narrow nose, like many other teams, to have the most success under the new regulations. 

Toro Rosso
Red Bull’s sister team, Toro Rosso, also revealed its STR9 challenger at Jerez with some specific changes to comply with some broad rules.

“It has been a fantastic challenge but very hard work,” said Toro Rosso’s chief designer Luca Furbatto. “Pretty much all the systems on the car are brand-new and that’s certainly a concern from a reliability point of view as the season progresses, because we won’t have known reference points from the past few years.” -

Sauber’s new C33-Ferrari was revealed in style and the drivers were the most excited about the complete renovation, especially Sauber driver, Adrian Sutil:

“There is a new era now with new engines and new cars.” -

Lotus’ E22 was one of the biggest shocks to Formula One™ with its split-nose. The unique design was expected to be controversial – and it is – but Lotus is confident that the design is legal.

“We have passed all the necessary crash tests and we are very confident that our design complies with all the FIA legal requirements,” says Lotus’ technical director Nick Chester. “We have just taken an innovative direction, and one that’s different to the other teams.” -

Caterham rolled out its new CT05 using Renault power and a Red Bull Technology gearbox. As the latest team to show its new 2014 car, it had high expectations. The anteater-like nose and the striking green color helped it meet every expectation.

Marussia’s unveiling has been delayed due to technical glitch. Stay tuned for the last, but definitely not least 2014 Formula One™ car revelation.

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