F1 Teams and Drivers Set for 2014

mark webber, waving, motorsportmuseIn the last week, some big things have been happening in Formula One™ for the 2014 Championship series. Rules were changed, cars were revealed and teams and drivers were finalized after playing musical chairs with the 2013 lineup. With legends like Mark Webber retiring, four drivers getting completely knocked off of the roster, and Stewart-Haas Racing hoping to form the first U.S. Formula 1™ team in 2015, things will get even crazier in F1®’s future.

Sticking to the Basics
Only two teams out of 11 are keeping the same lineup as the previous year. Mercedes, the No. 2 team in 2013, kept both of their top-ranking drivers from last season. No. 4 driver, Lewis Hamilton and No. 6 Nico Roseberg will be representing the powerhouse team once again for what they are hoping is an even better year. Despite Hamilton’s crash during the first test in Jerez this week, both drivers are optimistic about their team and their new W05.

Marussia will also be keeping both of their drivers, Frenchman Jules Bianchi and Britain’s Max Chilton. The team had faith in the rookies last year and believes, despite their lack of experience, that continuity is key in having a big year in 2014.

The Dawn of New Day
kamui kobayashi caterham f1The opposite of the last two teams, these next two teams completely changed their lineup for a new, fresh start in the sport. Catherham formed its new team with two drivers who we didn’t even get the chance to see in 2013. Kamui Kabayashi will return after a one-year absence in Formula 1™, while teammate and rookie Marcus Ericsson becomes Sweden’s first driver since 1991 to start in the World Championship.

It’s not very often that teams in the top 10 switch their entire lineup… unless their trying to be in the top five. Force India was the second team to do a complete revamp for 2014 replacing No. 12 and 13 drivers Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil with the No. 10 and 11 drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez. This may not seem like a big jump in standings, but in team points it totals a 30-point difference in last year’s final team standings. Unfortunately, Di Resta was left out of the 2014 lineup, but Sutil landed a spot on Force India, taking Hulkenberg’s place.

F1®’s Musical Chairs 
Since it is too difficult reading about each driver, where they were and where they are now, I decided to show you. Below will help you see the changes in the remaining teams for yourself, including the five rookies, the six drivers that switched teams going into this season and the 11 drivers who aren't budging this year.  Enjoy!

F1 Teams and Drivers 2014 

2014 F1 Teams and Drivers

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