Formula 1 2014 Testing Recap

Sunday marked the last day of the 2014 F1™ testing, where drivers had a few chances to test out their new and completely revamped cars, driving under the modified rules. Needless to say, exactly what everyone thought would happen happened. Rookies stepped up, champions struggled and teams frantically fixed any miscalculations.

Testing in Jerez
The first preseason test started at the Circuito Permanente de Jerez in Spain, on Tuesday, January 28, and concluded on January 31, with some unexpected events. Any teams that had not previously showed off their new rides did there, and the feedback was overwhelming. Fans were not the only ones shocked with the 2014 cars, but drivers and team mechanics also had a ton of adjusting to do – and it showed.

We only got to see 10 of the 11 teams in action, since Lotus did not make it to the testing and later debuted in Bahrain. Red Bull had more of a struggle than expected with its new RB10C stopping the team from completing the test, while Caterham also failed to finish. Overall, Mercedes dominated the tests completing the most laps of any team, while several other teams struggled to even make it out of the pit.

Below are the cumulative results from the 2014 F1™ Jerez testing starting with the top finisher overall in time, Kevin Magnussen. Starred are the fastest time and the most laps.

Testing in Bahrain
The second and final preseason test was in Bahrain from Feb. 17 – March 2, with another four days of testing out the new teams, drivers and cars. The shocking results of the first test left drivers and teams uneasy at what was to come, but also gave them a chance to go back and work on the errors that took place in Jerez.

This time around, the number of laps was higher, lap times were less, all teams participated, and all drivers finished. Bahrain was undeniably more successful than Jerez, but this scared some teams that still did not do so well. Below are the lap and time differences from the first test, starting with the top finisher. Once again, the highest number of laps and fastest times are starred.

As you can see, 11 drivers jumped up in the standings, 7 dropped and two stayed the same. All drivers increased in laps, with Valterri Bottas taking the most times around at 236 laps. Felipe Massa jumped to first place after improving his time to 1:33.258 and all but four drivers decreased their lap times – one of those four being the 2013 F1™ World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

The 2014 Formula One™ Championship series is kicking off at the end of this month at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Be there to see what twists will take place other than those these prestigious, yet challengine worldwide tracks. 

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