Top 4 Reasons for Booking your Formula 1™ Austin Trip Early!

So as you may or may not have heard, Formula One™ United States Grand Prix Official Ticket Packages are available right now. But seriously, why should you care? The F1™ USGP isn’t for another six months. Who plans a trip a half of a year in advance?!

Well, before you close out of the screen to go start planning your trip for next month, you may want to consider these four reasons to book your Formula 1™ Austin trip ASAP.

1. Choose from the Best Seats

Formula One US Grand Prix TrackThe very first reason, is the same reason that you would look at for any concert, theatrical performance or high-end sporting event early. Why wouldn’t you wait til the day of to purchase U2 tickets, or the week of to get World Series tickets? Because you would get crappy seats at skyrocketed prices!

Luckily with Official Formula 1™ United States Grand Prix Ticket Packages, prices are locked, but if you book early, you get to select from the very best seats around Circuit of the Americas™, ensuring you’re in prime viewing position for all of the weekend’s action!

2. Get the Most Access

COTA Experiences Official Ticket Packages are more than just a ticket to the race; it gives guests the opportunity to get insider, VIP access that they can’t get anywhere else! Experience luxury VIP hospitality parties, the opportunity to meet racing legends, tours and so much more.

Circuit of The Americas Experiences Circuit of The Americas Experiences

These top tier packages with the most inclusions typically sell out the quickest, so by booking early you’ll ensure that your bucket list trip to Formula One™ in Austin comes with all the luxury trimmings!

3. Hotels and Parking WILL Be Scarce

Fact, unless you plan to stay more than 10 miles away from the track and take a cab, you’re going to need a close hotel and parking arrangements. Both will be gone before you know it!

Formula One Grand PrixAnother figure, this track has the capacity for 120,000 fans. That’s a ton of people and many of which will be coming from out of town for the racing festivities, and will need accommodations. You’re welcome to test your luck by waiting, but why tempt fate?

With Official Ticket Packages you can opt-in for luxury accommodations, have ground transportation and free access to the shuttle around the track included. Absolutely zero planning for you, unless…

4. Plan out the Rest of your Trip!

For many out of town guests, this may be your first time in Austin (Texas, or the United States in general). If you’re crossing an international border to get here, the importance of booking early cannot be overstated. You need to ensure that your passport, flight and all other paper work is taken care of.

However, even if you’re traveling domestically, there is some downtime to be had over the weekend. With a few months between now and the Formula 1™ United States Grand Prix, you should be on the look out for other things to do in Austin. Shows, restaurants, landmarks, museums and other things that you may want to see around Circuit of The Americas™.

See You In Austin!

So you’re convinced! You want to get your Official Ticket Package for F1™ US Grand Prix in Austin, TODAY. But what else is in this package? Surely not just a ticket and accommodations?

Of course not! COTA Experiences is the Exclusive Official Ticket, Hospitality and Travel Package Provider for Circuit of The Americas™ and can offer an elevated race weekend that no other company can provide!

Meet racing legends, get exclusive tours of the facility, pit lane and more. Packages include fast access passes, entrance into exclusive VIP hospitality party venues filled with gourmet food and top shelf premium beverages, a haven from the elements, and a luxurious setting to regroup. Be the first to book your Official F1 USGP Package and get the ULTIMATE bucket list racing experience!


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