United SportsCar Championship for Rookies [Part III]

COTA, USCC for Rookies

AND... we're back with another round of United SportsCar Championship™ for Rookies! And the crowd goes wild! Are you feeling more knowledgeable already? We hope so! Let recap what we have covered thus far:

Today, we will drive right into Part III, the Race Start!

Ready. Set... RACE!

COTA, USCC and WECBefore every race, competitors are reminded time and time again that it’s impossible to win a race in the first turn of the first lap –but it’s very easy to lose one there.

However, that advice quickly flies out the window when the green flag waves for the start, but why is that? With the anxiety, the adrenaline rushing through their veins, the engine roaring for the start and the heart of every driver pounding throughout the formation laps, many drivers throw caution to the wind to get to the first turn as quickly as possible.

If the start of the race is incorrect, the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) officials have the authority to wave off the green flag and start the race on the following lap. This can be a major bummer or a gift for drivers.

Grid Decisions

TUDOR Championship grids are based on qualifying results; we wouldn’t want you thinking it was a first come, first serve kind-of situation! The fastest overall car will start from the pole position, with the second fastest qualifier second and so-on and so-on until the entire grid formation is complete.

USCC and WEC at COTA in sept

The start of the race is where it all happens. It’s that moment teams, drivers and fans have been waiting months, days, hours and minutes for. It’s the moment teams and drivers say “This is it, the hard work pays off…NOW.” Experiencing or even witnessing the race start is a truly unique experience and YOU will be there to see the green flag wave LIVE!

The Experience

COTA COTA COTABeing in the presence of a working United SportsCar team is something not everyone has the opportunity to experience, but YOU do and it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to see the components align. Seeing the cars up close with the engine off is mind-blowing, let alone when it’s actually under motor and being driven!

Circuit of The Americas offers Official Ticket Packages that will get you right in the heart of the action at the Austin race. Driver meet and greets, pit lane walks, hospitality and an open bar awaits you. We are excited for YOU to begin your love affair with United SportsCar with Circuit of The Americas Experiences.


See the United SportsCar  Championship Live at COTA!

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