Train like a United SportsCar & WEC Professional!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a United SportsCar™ driver, a World Endurance Championship™ driver, or ever wonder what it takes to be one? Whether you’re seeking all or one of the above, we have all your lingering answers, and we just may convince you to further test your limits in one of the fastest racecars in the nation.


In the last few years, simulators have made major advancements and are regularly used in motorsports for both driver training and for engineers to test new ideas without putting drivers in harms way.

Simulators are a massive investment for teams but well worth it. Some teams do not have their own, but rather use a company called Base Performance, which has a single-seater and a GT simulator. Each has the ability to give a driver the chance to learn new skills and drive any of the 100+ circuits that are currently on the database.

Darren Turner, an Aston Martin work driver said it best: “A simulator is a tool, it’s here to do a job which is either to learn a circuit or to hone a driving technique and improve as a driver.” He even stated, “Our customer base is at every level, from drivers who are just starting out right up to guys who are tapping on the door of Formula One or seasoned professionals in LMP1 or GT racing. We also do corporate days for people who want to try a full on racing simulator.”

Besides the luxury of a simulator, drivers do practice on the track (obviously), considering that’s where the real business takes place.

Drivers must take care of themselves physically and mentally by eating right, exercising and sleeping. It is vital drivers are always drinking fluids because some of the races can last between six and 24 hours. Also, drivers must get used to the heat within the car while racing, which is another reason why training on the actual track is number one priority.

What do you think? Think you could be a driver?

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