Experience Lone Star Le Mans with all 5 Senses

EXPERIENCE LONE STAR LE MANS WITH ALL 5 SENSESTake a moment and think about the five human senses. What comes to mind? What is your favorite sense if you had to choose? Now, hold that thought! Day in and day out we take the beautiful gift of our senses for granted. Life as we know it wouldn’t be the same, nor would the all new, inaugural Lone Star Le Mans weekend at Circuit of The Americas™ you will be attending!

So, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all this… I promise you will be in for a tasty spin (no pun intend #LOL). I bet you’ve never thought about how auto racing can tap into each of your five senses or how your senses can and will make your Lone Star Le Mans weekend that much better. Was I right? You’ve never thought about it until NOW!

Regardless if you have or haven’t, read further for some serious wow-factor.

1. Hearing

For a person who lives for the beat, I can speak for most of us when I say I would essentially be lifeless if I didn’t have hearing. Hearing is what we use to distinguish sounds, and enjoy all the charms of music. And in this case the ROAR of the Porsche’s, Corvette’s, Audi’s, Lamborghini’s, you name it, at
Lone Star Le Mans.


You will hear mechanical sounds you’ve never heard before in your life. The breaks, the roar, the tires screaming; it’s magical. We aren’t talking about your casual high end cars; these machines are hyped and supped up to the max (they are Sports Cars after all). It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it, which leads me to our next sense –feeling!

2. Feeling

United SportsCar Championship Circuit of The Americas Racing 4Feeling is the sense we use to distinguish the different qualities of bodies. For example, hot and cold, hardness and softness, motion and extension, just to name a few. Over the course of the weekend, you will physically be in the heart of the racing action. Your body will rumble like the pristine china in your mother’s china cabinet when a 747 flies too low.

OK –maybe not that intense, but you will feel the power and force the second the engine turns over. There is something to be said about being in the presence of such a machine and physically feeling the end result of what man and team built.

3. Smelling

How can you experience Lone Star Le Mans through your sense of smell? That is a great question. If you’ve never been to the circuit, you wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about, but here it goes. Between the Austin air, the fans, the fuel, the break dust, the food, and the Paddock Club, you’ve got the perfume of Lone Star Le Mans.

cota track

There is something pleasant and exciting about the smell. You won’t ever forget it and it will always leave you coming back for more. Almost like the smell you have when you leave Starbucks, it’s unique and strange but it always has you coming back for more.

Did you know? The five senses model is credited to Aristotle.

4. Tasting


Tasting Lone Star Le Mans you say? That I did folks and it is possible! First and foremost, this is located in Austin, Texas. So what does that mean, right? Austin is famous for some of the best food trucks around, the city is crawling with them and they will be serving it up at Lone Star Le Mans!

You didn’t think I was going to say you can taste the tire smoke now did you? That is very possible, but most likely that won’t compete with the massive chili dogs, beer and even gourmet food from the Paddock you just consumed. Man, is anyone else hungry?

5. Seeing

Drumroll please! If I could throw a party for the seeing sense, trust me I absolutely would, especially because it’s the bow on this bucket list item. See the dazzling designs, colors and graphics splattered all over the cars, see the state-of-the-art circuit, see celebrities, concerts, fireworks, see
THE EXPERIENCE of Lone Star Le Mans. Your eyes are your camera, use them like you stole ‘em!

So, What’da Say?

lonestar logoWell, I say it’s time you get a move on and get your Official Ticket Package to Lone Star Le Mans! I mean it is only 20 days away! Circuit of The Americas Experiences is known for providing world class hospitality and memories that will last you a lifetime.

It’s not too late to attend this inaugural event and engulf all your senses like you’ve never done before. It time you check this bucket list experience off your list! We’ll see you in Austin!


See Lone Star Le Mans in Austin Today!

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