5 Things to Pack for Lone Star Le Mans

5 THINGS TO PACK FOR LONE STAR LE MANSPacking can be difficult. End of story. Especially when it’s to a place or an event you’ve never been before and when the event has never taken place before! The all new, inaugural Lone Star Le Mans weekend at Circuit of The Americas™ is right around the corner and YOU need to know what exactly to pack so your experience can be that much better.

So before you go dusting off that old suitcase under your bed or in your attic, take a look at the main essentials you’ll need for Sept. 20, 2014! You never know, you may not need a large suitcase after all!

1. Camera

Yes, so obvious I know, but with sometimes things slip your mind when you are packing because you are SO excited. Your camera will be your eyes and it will be what you use to brag to all your friends at home who wished they’d come.


You won’t want to miss this all new, inaugural event without photos! That would be like walking down the red carpet and not one photographer was there. Capture the dazzling designs, colors and graphics splattered all over the cars, capture the state-of-the-art circuit, celebrities, concerts, fireworks and the experience of your weekend!

2. Apparel

You must think I am silly for even saying apparel, obviously you need to pack apparel, attending naked isn’t something that’s sought after! Either a lady or a gentleman, it is crucial you wear something lose fitting, something that flows easy with the breeze (this is Texas after all).

5 THINGS TO PACK FOR LONE STAR LE MANSWear something you will feel cool in all day, considering the United SportsCar Championship starts at noon and the 6 Hours of COTA Endurance race starts at 5PM! You will be engulfed in the heat, the cars, the celebs and the luxury. Which leads me to my next point; showing up in your world’s best cut off jean shorts and t-shirt will not look so chic inside the Paddock.

3. Comfortable Shoes

As a woman, this is always hard to hear; especially when you want to make heads turns in the Paddock and in the garages! This is not the weekend for your favorite Tory Burch heels or your best Cole Haan loafers. You will be covering a lot of ground that day and comfortable shoes will be something you’d wished you had. Dress to impress, but dress to ensure you will enjoy square inch of your Lone Star Le Mans weekend.


You will need and want an empty stomach for your Lone Star Le Mans weekend for two reasons; one, FOOD TRUCKS! Austin, Texas is famous for there food trucks and they will be scattered left and right inside and outside the track. I promise you will eat at more than one, so keep that in mind. Two, HOSPITALITY PARTY VENUE! The party venue located in the Paddock Building is the place to be over the weekend. You will feast on sensational food and premium bars until your stomach says stop.

5. Your Need for Speed

Above all else, your need for speed is something you absolutely should not forget. Considering the weekend is going to be filled with sites and sounds of Porsches, Corvettes, Audis, Lamborghinis, concerts and fireworks. Lone Star Le Mans offers speed on top of speed around hairpin turns that will literally make your hair stand on end.

So what have you learned from this? That Sept. 20, 2014 is going to be a weekend like you’ve never experienced before? That you’re going to be fed until you burst? That you will be in the heart of SportsCar Racing action? I thought so!

See you at Circuit of The Americas™ for a Texas-sized celebration!

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