Are you Ready? It’s Time for Lone Star Le Mans!

ARE YOU READY? IT’S TIME FOR LONE STAR LE MANS!Look at you! You have finally made the choice to attend one of this year’s hottest events! Congratulations! How does it feel? Well, if you’re at a loss for words don’t you worry because we sure aren’t! We are more excited than the day you get a pay raise! –OK, maybe not that excited, but we are more excited than your last day of Drivers Ed.

This coming weekend (Sept. 20, 2014) Austin, Texas will welcome the all new, inaugural, highly desired Lone Star Le Mans at Circuit of The Americas™! And, to say the least, drivers, teams and fans alike are chit-chattering in anticipation to see what will unfold at this Texas-sized celebration!

What are the Drivers saying?

Asked to pick between Austin, the city, and its Circuit of The Americas™ race track, the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship drivers are nearly unanimous in their choice:



As many of you know, Lone Star Le Mans will feature one of the largest collections of world-class, professional sports car teams and drivers assembled to race in North America on one day. Up to 180 unique SportsCars will be on track throughout the weekend. You can only imagine how many world famous drivers will there.

According to, the official TUDOR United SportsCar Championship website, “Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the race track, which is a Formula One facility,” said Leh Keen, who enters the race among a five-way tie for the GT Daytona (GTD) championship lead. “Austin is great, and the circuit is a pleasure to drive.”

Did you hear that, a five-way tie for the GT Daytona championship lead? Our money is on that we’re going to get one-heck-of-a battle royal of the GTD class this weekend; keep your eyes peeled!

Townsend Bell

Indy 500 veteran Townsend Bell, who also has a share of the GTD points lead – also enjoys the city and the circuit. Oh, and we cannot forget to reiterate that your Official VIP experience through COTA Experiences includes a meet-and-greet with this well-polished automotive sports car pro!

ARE YOU READY? IT’S TIME FOR LONE STAR LE MANS!According to, “Everyone loves going to Austin – whether you’re an American or one of my European friends working in or around Formula One,” Bell said. “The city is just exploding from a population and cultural standpoint. The race track is our first pure modern F1 circuit in the United States, so it’s a blast to drive. Austin is a great layout, especially in a GT car, where so many parts of the track that are non-events in a Formula One car are very demanding in our GT car, because of our relative mass and lack of downforce. It’s really fun to drive.”

Home sweet home; an old time saying that makes all our hearts warm and fuzzy with ease. It’s a home race for Ben Keating of Port Lavaca, who will have plenty of support for the No. 33 Viper Exchange Dodge Viper SRT GT3.

ARE YOU READY? IT’S TIME FOR LONE STAR LE MANS!“It’s not even just the closest track to my home; it’s the only thing remotely close. I’m pretty sure I’m the No. 1 ticket purchaser for the event. I think I have a couple hundred guests coming to the event, so it’s a big deal for us. It’s a technical track, it’s a fast track, but it’s a safe track, and I really enjoy going there.” Keating said.

“I feel I have the advantage of being the hometown guy – even though I’m not from Austin, I’m close – and I spend enough time at the track to feel like I’ve got a leg up. The first race that we won ever in ALMS was there (last year in the GTC class), and we’re going to work hard to go for a repeat.” Source>>

Be honest, you were somewhat excited before, but now…now you’re beaming with smiles and joy! We can picture you now; bragging to all your friends who decided they were too cool to attend, jumping up and down like a jackalope – it’s like music notes and rainbows are coming out of your ears. Are we right?

We’ll be seein’ Y’all down South!

On-track activity begins for all TUDOR United SportsCar Championship classes at 5:30 p.m. (CT) Thursday, Sept. 18. Qualifying for the PC class takes place from 5:15-5:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 19. The green flag for the Lone Star Le Mans drops at 11:35 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 20 for a two-hour, 45-minute race. AND at 5:30 p.m. the 6 Hours of COTA will begin!


Just in case you haven’t gotten your tickets yet; Circuit of The Americas Experiences, provides exclusive benefits and unparalleled behind-the-scenes access and activities. Packages are available for individuals, groups or corporations, and are tailored to provide a unique and memorable experience. Call 866-801-697 to book your Lone Star Le Mans weekend or visit COTA Experiences’ website!

And for the rest of you, pack up your cowboy boots because you are heading down south for Lone Star Le Mans! We’ll see you there!

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