What Is Legends Club Hospitality & Do You Need it at the F1 USGP?

Let us start by saying, we get it. There are a lot of costs associated with checking a big event such as the 2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix off your bucket list. There are the tickets, the transportation, the hotel stays, the travel arrangements (if you're coming from a far), the food and beverage costs, the souvenirs, and anything else you decide you want while at Circuit of The Americas.

WHAT IS LEGENDS CLUB HOSPITALITY & DO YOU NEED IT AT THE F1 USGP?Keeping that in mind, it makes sense that when you hear other F1 fans talking about the Legends Club VIP Hospitality Venue and why you need access to it, you become skeptical as to if it's just another cost. 

Well, to answer your queries simply. You do need Legends Club access! Okay now, before you right me off, there's a part two. All those costs that are rolling around in your head as you're working out the details of planning your trip to the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix - they can be bundled!

That's right! Bundled! All those trip planning details can be combined into one price via an
Official F1™ USGP ticket package. That makes checking the grand prix at COTA off your bucket list easier on your wallet AND it allows getting Legends Club access for one or more days throughout the weekend affordable! 

AH! That's better, right? Those are words you like to hear, am I right? Bundled. Easier. Affordable.

Okay, But What's the Legends Club?

Now, I'm not a mind reader, but I can see where your thoughts are going. Now you're wondering what the Legends Club is and why everyone is fussing about it. Well, it's basically your one-stop shop for VIP hospitality throughout the F1 weekend. It's a climate-controlled oasis from the Texas elements where you can relax and regroup with your group away from the stands.

WHAT IS LEGENDS CLUB HOSPITALITY & DO YOU NEED IT AT THE F1 USGP?It boasts complimentary food buffets, premium open bars, simulcast TV coverage of the on-track festivities, comfortable seating, and it's within the track! These means that when the seats in the stands begin to get uncomfortable, when you want to get a bite to eat or when you're ready to wet your whistle, you can escape to the Legends Club where it's all included! 

That's another of those word combos you like, right? All-inclusive! 

And how did the Legends Club get its name, you might be wondering? Because it's where racing legends go to hang out! Alexander Rossi, Emerson Fittipaldi and Mario Andretti will be hanging out inside the hospitality area throughout the weeekend along with other Hollywood stars!

BUT, while we could keep on explaining to you and attempting to paint a picture that doesn't do the Legends Club justice, we can actually just show you a sneak peek of what the VIP experience is like! 

So without further ado, take a look inside the Legends Club:

Other Events Inside the Legends Club

Because the Legends Club is home to VIPs, it only makes sense that several other exclusive events are held in this hospitality area throughout the Formula 1 USGP race weekend. Take at the two other events on the calendar!

The Thursday Night Tower Viewing and Party

Learn More About the Thursday Night Party>>

The Lunch with a Legend

Learn More About the Lunch with a Legend>>

Add Legends Club Access onto Your F1 USGP Package!

WHAT IS LEGENDS CLUB HOSPITALITY & DO YOU NEED IT AT THE F1 USGP?Since access to the Legends Club VIP hospitality venue is an add-on provided by COTA Experiences, you can opt to include exclusive access throughout the weekend to your Official Ticket Package

Take the next step today! Visit COTA Experiences website or call 1-866-801-6975 for more information on including access to the Legends Club in your Official Ticket Package. 

Already have your packages? Call your COTA Experiences representative for details regarding tacking on Legends Club amenities!

It's time to have the experience of a lifetime at the 2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix! Become a #COTAVIP and get access to the Legends Club today!



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