Hamilton Prevails at Formula 1 USGP: See the COTA VIP Experience!

Circuit of The AmericasWhat an epic weekend at the 2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix! With three days of racing, a Mercedes AMG Petronas duel and a VIP experience awaiting COTA Experiences fans, the USGP weekend had all the elements it needed to be completely epic!

Take a look at the breakdown of each day's events, the access COTA Experiences' fans received, the celebrities who were in attendance, and learn how you can be a part of the COTA VIP Experience next year!

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Thursday's Events

The Thursday Night Party and Tower Viewing

The events of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix weekend kicked-off on Thursday night for COTA Experiences' guests. Those with invites to the Thursday Night Party where picked-up from their perspective hotels and taken directly to the Tower at Circuit of The Americas.

Thursday Night Party

Located 251 feet in the air, guests rode the elevator all the way up to the top, and were able to partake in a champagne toast and take pictures with the vast background of Circuit of The Americas around them. The Tower had a glass floor allowing guests to look all the way down on the track (super scary if you ask me!) and it was so high in the air, you could almost feel it sway slightly with the wind. 

After guests came back down from the top of the Tower, they were guided over to the Legends Club, located to the right of the Main Grandstand, and were invited to eat a delicious meal, grab some drinks from the open bar and find their seat before racing legend Mario Andretti took the stage.

Andretti answered questions posed by the MC about his prestigious racing career, safety precautions in F1 and the potential for growth in the sport in the future. Guests were then handed the microphone to ask Andretti their own questions! Take a look at one of the most memorable Q&A moments>>

When the Q&A ended with Andretti, singer/songwriter Edwin McCain took the stage! He entertained guests in the Legends Club with his hit songs and fans were able to mix, mingle and dance.

Since COTA Experiences' guests were the only ones at the circuit Thursday night, they were able to explore the outside lawn of the Legends Club and the Main Grandstand seating area. This offered great opportunities for night pictures of the track.

When the night finally came to an end, guests hopped aboard their perspective COTA Experiences' transportation and were taken back to their hotels to rest up for a full day of preliminary rounds.

Friday's Events

Guests arrived at the track on Friday at 9 a.m. and were able to check out their seating areas around the track. COTA Experiences' in-track shuttle services were available to take guests to and from the Main Grandstand, Turn 1 and Turn 12/Turn 15 (no hill-walking for our guests!).

Then at 11 a.m., Lunch with a Legend was preparing to kick-off in the Legends Club.

Lunch with a Legend

Lunch was available once guests arrived in hospitality so everyone was able to grab a bite to eat, a drink from the bar and find their seat. Emerson Fittipaldi arrived shortly after, taking the stage to answer questions from the MC and the fans.

Emerson FittipaldiFittipaldi was a fantastic story-teller! He shared about his past experiences, his current role in F1, his family, and how he handled managing his time with friends, family and F1 while racing.

The floor was then opened up for all Formula 1 fans to pose questions to Fittipaldi and, boy, did they take advantage! There was never a lack of questions and Fittipaldi never failed to suprise guests with his candid answers.

After Lunch with a Legend ended, hospitality closed for the evening and guests were invited to return to their seating areas to watch the remaining preliminary rounds before heading back to their hotels.

Saturday's Events

Mexican SoccerLegend Club Appearances

Saturday was a full day of events in the Legends Club! The day began with a full complimentary breakfast (we're talking carved ham, frittatas, quiches, muffins, fruit, breads, etc.), an open espresso bar and the full bar was open! There was even a massage "Relaxation Station" in the corner

Mexican National Soccer Team Coach, Miguel Herrera, and player, Luis Montes, made appearances in the Legends Club to meet fans, take pictures and sign autographs. Fans went crazy having the opportunity to meet these pioneers in Mexican soccer.

After Herrera and Montes left hospitality, fans took the in-track shuttles out to their perspective turns to watch some of the qualifying races.

Alexander RossiThe Legends Club began filling up again around noon, just in time for a gourmet lunch and appearance by US driver, Alexander Rossi! Rossi talked of his challenge breaking into the Formula 1 circuit, the growth of the sport in the United States, and got very personal with the crowd. Fans were able to partake in a Q&A session where he was asked everything from, "Are drivers tested for hand-eye coordination?" to "Since you're an F1 driver, what can you actually do now for a thrill?" If Rossi wasn't a hit already, he sure is now!

View footage of Rossi's interview>>

The third practice session began for Formula 1 shortly after and fans returned to their seats around the circuit. This practice session ended with Mercedes AMG Petronas domination and guests without Legends Club hospitality began to make their way back to the Main Grandstand to catch their transportation back to their hotels.

As for the Legends Club ticket holders, it was back to hospitality for a meet-and-greet with Mexican driver, Esteban Gutierrez! Gutierrez visited the Legends Club last year and was a sensation - saying that he was even more popular this year would still be an understatement! View Gutierrez's interview>>

Esteban Gutierrez

Gutierrez talked of his performance thus far this season, his excitement for a grand prix in Mexico and his love for his fans. Needless to say, the adoration was returned.

After Gutierrez left the Legends Club, the events subsided for the evening and COTA VIPs returned to their hotels to rest up for the biggest day of the weekend: the 2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix!

Sunday: the 2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix

Legend and Celebrity Appearances

Sunday's events began similar to Saturday's. Once dropped off at the Main Grandstand at Circuit of The Americas, COTA VIPs made their way to the Legends Club to enjoy a gourmet breakfast and a Q&A appearance by Fittpaldi (oh yes, he can't get enough of us).

Fittipaldi answered questioned posed by fans, shared stories of his racing days with Mario Andretti and talked about how fabulous the Legends Club is compared to other venues.
View Fittipaldi's interview>>

Following Fittpaldi, Willy T Ribbs made his way into the Legends Club to meet-and-greet with fans and talk of the challenges he overcame to become the first African-American in Formula 1 racing.

CelebritiesAfterwards, it was back to the stands (or the VIP Celebrity Skybox) to watch the final Ferrari Challenge. Lunch was served shortly after and celebrities Nichole Galicia from Django Unchained, Alysia Reiner from Orange is the New Black and How to Get Away with Murder, and David Alan Basche from TV Land's The Exes made appearances in the Legends Club and VIP Celebrity Skybox.

Fans were able to meet these celebrities and take pictures while pre-race festivites took place all around them.

Then finally, it was time.

The grid was loaded, the National Anthem was sang and they were off! 

Catch up with the rest of the VIP experience by searching the hashtag #COTAVIP on social media.

The F1 USGP!

The Formula 1 United States Grand Prix was a close one! Saying each team was fast would be an understatement - they were way fast! 

Turn 11 F1 USGPNico Rosberg started out with an early lead, but was overtaken by Lewis Hamilton. The race was close with the two nose-and-nose at many moments, but Hamilton was able to prevail! Daniel Ricciardo managed to overcome Williams for a third place finish for Red Bull, making the top three in the Championship standings the three on the podium at COTA. 

View videos of the race>>

This is now the 10th win of the season for Lewis Hamilton, making him the most successful British driver!

It was an incredibly exciting race and the COTA track was a big factor in this. With that being said, it's just a grand prix you'll have to see in person.

Be There in 2015!

The 2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix was one for the record books! Don't miss your chance to be there in 2015 when COTA Experiences once again takes over the track and the Legends Club! 

If you're interested in having a bucket list experience at the United States Grand Prix then it's imperative you get yourself on the Quick Callback List

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It's never too early to get your COTA VIP Experience started!


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