The Ultimate Getaway at the MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix

Even though the MotoGP™ season just recently ended, the season will be starting again in no time!

The 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix weekend at Circuit of The Americas™ in Austin begins April 10, and you will not want to miss the exciting event chalk full of all the racing action one can handle!

Moto GP COTA ExperiencesWith COTA Experiences’ Official Ticket Packages, you will have access to the enjoy the ultimate MotoGP™ weekend including the Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas on Sunday, as well as the practice, qualifying and warm-up races on Saturday! 

With each package, you will also receive access to the exclusive Circuit of The Americas™ Hospitality Party Venue each day of the weekend event!

The Hospitality will provide you with a premium open bar, a complimentary gourmet food buffet, closed circuit TV coverage of all the races, MotoGP™ celebrity guest appearances, and more!

Each package is a four-day, three night getaway with exclusive extras and unparalleled views of the moto races as the riders for the second victory of the season. 

Pick Your Package! 

When choosing packages for your Austin getaway to the 2015 MotoGP™ Championship, you have several options: 

Paddock Building Red Bull Grand Prix

 The Paddock Building 

With the Paddock Building Packages, you will receive exclusive views of the start and finish lines, the pit lane, and the last turn of the race!

The position of your seats will allow you to see some of the most exciting moments of the race! Paddock tours and Pit Lane walks are included giving you the opportunity to see the inner workings of MotoGP™. 



Red Bull Grand Prix MotoGP COTA ExperiencesThe Grandstand Packages

Platinum Package

Fans who pick the Platinum Package for the MotoGP™ weekend will be between the last turn and the finish line!

Because the Grandstand Packages include access have the Grandstand Big Screens in your sight, though, you will not miss a moment of the action when the riders are out of your direct line of sight.

With the Platinum Package, you will sit at an elevated level and have full access to the Velocity Lounge! 

Gold B Package

The Gold B Package gives you a little of everything, with incomparable views of the celebration for the trophy, as well as premium views of Turn 1 and 20, the start/finish line and the pit area!

Turn Packages

See all the intensity of the moto racing turns right before your eyes with COTA Experiences’ Turn Package:

Turn 1 Package

The Turn 1 Package is perfect for someone looking to catch some of the more thrilling moments of the Red Bull Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas!

With seats located over 100 feet of elevation, you will receive a panoramic view of the track and witness the intensity of one of the most difficult turns of the circuit for the riders to master!

Turn 15 Package

You can get up close and personal to the race without losing the ability to see the whole picture with the Turn 15 Package. The open air-seating places you close to the circuit allowing you to easily take in the sounds, smells and sights of the MotoGP™ in all its glory!

Multi-Turn Package

This exclusive seating option grants you a different perspective each day of the event! With the Mult-Turn Package, you will have the ability to catch the various racing events from the Main Grandstand, Turn 1 and Turn 15 vantage points all in one weekend!

Circuit of The Americas Experiences

Plan Your MotoGP Getwaway! 

With COTA Experiences’ Official Ticket Packages, participants have the option of hotel accommodation at the Hilton Downtown Austin or the Renaissance Austin. Both locations include an offer of provided for transportation to and from the circuit!

With all of the inclusions and festivities, you will not want to miss the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix in one of America’s favorite cities!

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