Red Bull Grand Prix Packages: All About Perspective

As Official Ticket Packages were recently released for the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix™, you may be thinking about heading to Austin to witness all of the moto action in April. Before you blindly grab one, take a moment to think about what you most want to see while watching the riders compete for the podium.
MotoGP Red Bull COTAMost moto riders know the importance of the each leg of a grand prix. The straights are for speed, the turns are all about overtaking and the pit lanes are for getting your bearings.

With this in mind, think about what leg is most important to you. Do you care more about the beginning, the intense turns, the speed or having seats closest to VIP hospitality?

Life is all about perspective, and so is Circuit of The Americas™.

Whether you like the straights, hairpin turns or the finishes, COTA Experiences has a package with your name on it. Depending on your preferences, these various packages include all different vantage points of the circuit for the 2015 Austin MotoGP™ Championship.

Get Straight in on Action: Paddock Building Packages 

MotoGP COTA ExperiencesSee where it all starts and where it all ends with views from the Paddock Building. Package holders will get to overlook the pit lane of the circuit and get an up-close look at the MotoGP™ action.

With seats allowing fans to witness one of the fastest part of the MotoGP™ grand prix, as well as the first and last turns, adrenaline seekers will love the rush of the sights and sounds of the MotoGP™ riders racing to the finish for the 2015 Austin MotoGP™ Championship.

Within the Paddock Building, COTA Experiences offers has most of what any fan could want, offering a loaded premium open bar, a tasty buffet, comfortable seating to put them at ease during breaks, closed circuit TV coverage of the races so there are no missed big moments, and even MotoGP™ Celebrity appearances to ensure a stress-free, VIP experience for every guest! 

View from the Top: Main Grandstand Packages 

Starting Line  Grandstand COTAThe Main Grandstand Packages provides elevated seats, overlooking the starting grid, where the riders line up to begin the Red Bull Grand Prix. Fans will be able to sense the anticipation in the air as the riders get set up to start the championship grand prix.

You can watch riders start and finish, as well as witness the first pivotal turn, while sitting in the Grandstand. Closest to VIP Hospitality Venue, Main Grandstand packages are convenient for guests not wanting to deal with any of the hassle of making their way out to the various turns and back throughout the day.

Guests can enter the circuit and head straight to their seats in the nearby grandstand or head straight to the all-inclusive hospitality venues.

Platinum Package

Within the Main Granstand, Platinum Package seated guests will overlook the start and finish line from elevated, covered seats. Platinum guests not only have the quick access to the perks of the Paddock Building Hospitality, but the Grandstand Big Screens are also in their sight. Platinum patrons can watch riders soar through the straights before the big finish.

Guests will also receive access to the chic Velocity lounge, an additional hospitality area with a bar and spacious seating.

Gold B Package

The Gold B Packages provide open-air seating for guests who want to bask in the sun while still enjoying the seat-back style area. With views of the first and last turns, as well as quick access to the Paddock Building perks, as well, fans can breathe easy while watching the grand prix unfold.

You Won’t Want to Turn Away with Turn Packages 

Turn Packages will keep you on the edge of your seats, as you watch riders lean and speed ahead. Turns are easily the hardest points of the race for many MotoGP™ riders. You can observe riders’ overtaking opponents and their downfalls with turn package seating.

Turn 15 Packages

Turn 15 COTA MotoGPFeaturing a panoramic view of the some of the most exhilarating sights the race has to offer, Turn 15 Packages allow guests to witness incredibly sharp turns, where riders have to lean in so far they almost reach the pavement. And do not be surprise if you see a crash or two!

Turn 1 Package

Watch as MotoGP™ riders establish themselves at the first turn, which can make or break a race.

The elevation of the Turn 1 seats allows for a wide view of the track for fans wanting to take in as much of the circuit as possible.

Multi-Turn Package 

Get a sample of several different circuit outlooks with the Multi-Turn Package. Guests can appreciate different sides of the track including the Main Grandstand, and the two most popular turns, Turn 1 and Turn 15.

Keeping it Simple 

With behind-the-scenes looks, exclusive access to an in-circuit Hospitality Party Venue, rider meet-and-greets, on-site parties, full premium bars and gourmet buffets, COTA Experiences provides an unparalleled three day event for of MotoGP™ fans.

With provided for shuttle transportation to the various turns and seating areas within the circuit, along with optional hotel accommodation and transportation to and from the circuit each day, COTA Experiences will make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible!


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