7 Reasons You Need Hospitality at the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix

The best way, hands down, to experience the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix™ in Austin, Texas is with VIP access to the exclusive Hospitality Party Venue at Circuit of the Americas™. 

Trust us, you are going to want to take our word for it. With hospitality, you will receive exclusive extras and access to VIP areas to take your experience to the next level! 

Here are just seven of the reasons you need hospitality at the 2015 MotoGP™ Red Bull Grand Prix: 

MotoGP™ experience1. All-Access

We don't know about you, but we are all about that access! When you add hospitality to your MotoGP™ experience, you receive access to the exclusive venue as the circuit opens. You will continue to have access to it until after the festivities are completely over and everyone else is cleaning up. 

With private security entrances, you will also be able to always count on an escape from any crowd craziness. 

2. Escape from the Elements

With the VIP Hospitality Venue, you will be able to take shelter from the elements! Whether attempting to escape a downpour or the Texas heat, you will find sanctuary in the air-conditioned and closed-off Hospitality Party Venue. 

The VIP Hospitality Venue creates a relaxing, chic environment for you to slip into when you need a break from the events of the packed-full weekend!

The venue will feature spacious, comfortable seating for VIPs to take a breather before heading back out into the intensity of the Red Bull Grand Prix™!

Breakfast 1
3. The Delicious Fare

With hospitality, you will receive delicious, complimentary food and access to gourmet food buffets. If you and your fellow attendees want to have a private meal, you can also have access to private dining areas to enjoy your gourmet eats in peace. 

4. Open Bar 

It is not called the Hospitality Party Venue for nothing, and it would not be a true party without an open bar! The Official Hospitality of MotoGP™ at Circuit of The Americas™ features a premium bar for the VIPs! Oh, and did we mention it's open?

What will you be sipping on? 

5. A Home Base 

With access to the VIP hospitality suite, you and other hospitality patrons will have a meeting spot amidst the madness of the huge event! In between qualifying races or before the end of the grand prix, you can count on a meeting place to catch up!

BenSpiesMeet6. MotoGP™ Celebrity Appearances 

As a VIP in the official Hospitality Party Venue, you will have the chance to meet MotoGP™ celebrities and even receive photo-ops with a few of them. You can attend a Q & A with a MotoGP™ celebrity, too! You will not want to miss the opportunity to meet some of your favorites from the world of MotoGP™!

7. You Won't Miss a Thing! 

MotoGP™ COTA's hospitality venue offers closed circuit TV coverage of the races, so you will not miss a moment of the racing action while hanging out and relaxing in the suite. 

Get Hospitality for the Red Bull Grand Prix™!

With COTA Experiences' Official Ticket Packages, you can receive access to the in-circuit Hospitality Party Venue, as well as all of its included extras. 

With the packages, you will also have access to ground transportation to pick you up and drop you off at various locations in the circuit. As a VIP, you be able to see the MotoGP™ like never before with chances to attend pit lane walks and paddock tours!

You also have the option of receiving accommodations at several different fine hotels in the Austin area conveniently located near the circuit. You can even extend your stay at the hotels and experience all of what the great city of Austin has to offer! 


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