Party in the Paddock at MotoGP Austin!

There is no party quite like a Paddock Party, and while the world of MotoGP™ prepares for the 2015 season, you need to know why the Paddock Building Package is the ultimate way to experience the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix™!

COTA Experiences’ offers a little something for every MotoGP™ fan with its all-inclusive Official Ticket Packages. For anyone interested in attending a grand prix at the state-of-the-art Circuit of The Americas™, there is no better way to fully experience a MotoGP™ race!

Red Bull GP COTAThe 2015 Red Bull Grand Prixof The Americas™ will take place April 10-12, in the exciting city of Austin, Texas.

Here are just a few reasons why the Paddock Building Package might be the perfect way for you to experience the grand prix:

1. Paddock Perspective

With the Paddock Building Package, you will be seated directly above the pit lane. This means you will have a straight-on shot of where it all starts and where it all ends.

These seats will allow you to watch the riders head off from the starting grid and race into the first straight. You will also get premium views of the vital, final turn of the race, as well as the riders finish the highly-anticipated grand prix.

As a Paddock VIP, you get to have the best views of four of the most crucial points of the championship.

The Paddock Building’s seats also provide covered seating to shield you from heat and the elements, so you can relax while taking in the thrilling sights!

Paddock Building’s seats2. It’s a Party! It’s a Party!

The Paddock Hospitality Venue is the ultimate party host for the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix™! As a Paddock Building patron, you will be the life of the party, especially since the on-site party venue for the whole circuit is conveniently located behind your seating. 

You will have access to the on-site party Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the weekend. While everyone else seated in circuit will have to trek back and forth to get to the in-circuit party venue, you will experience the convenience of it being just a few short steps away!

3. The VIP Life 

What is the VIP life, you ask? Well for the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix™, the VIP life means having access to a premium open bar filled with all of your favorite, adult choice beverages while you enjoy the MotoGP™ grand prix at Circuit of The Americas™.

While hanging out and relaxing, you will receive complimentary, gourmet food in the on-site hospitality venue.

See the Stars4. See the Stars!

Inside the Paddock Building, you will have the opportunity to attend meet-and-greet with MotoGP™ legends and celebrities! You can be in the company of the greats of the sport. You will get to sit in on Q & A’s with MotoGP™’s stars and grab them for a quick photo-op, sure to make all your followers on social media jealous!

While hanging out in the chic and stylish Paddock Building, you also never know who might come through!

5. Accommodations as You Like It

With COTA Experiences, you have the option of the receiving accommodations to enhance your trip to the beautiful city of Austin, Texas!

If interested, you can be set up at a luxurious hotel in close proximity to the circuit. Rather than having to locate and reserve rooms yourself, all you have to do is opt for a room and speak to one of COTA Experiences’ Official Representatives!

What’s more, you can even receive reliable ground transportation to and from the circuit, so you will not have to worry about navigating through the hectic traffic of Austin.

Party in the Paddock at the Red Bull Grand Prix!

With COTA Experiences’ Official Ticket Packages, you can become a Paddock Building patron and receive exclusive extras and amenities!

Enjoy with the Red Bull Grand Prix™ in style with Paddock Building Packages!


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