Experience MotoGP Magic with Main Grandstand Packages!

Throw your hands in the air and be grand!

The 2015 Red Bull Championship™, happening April 10-12, will be here in no time! One way you can make a trip to the MotoGP™ grand prix weekend as memorable as possible is with COTA Experiences’ Main Grandstand Official Ticket Package!

Being seated within the Main Grandstand gets you right in on the action of the intense Austin MotoGP™grand prix. Those seated at the Main Grandstand will exclusively get to look in on the
mysterious pit stops, as the pit crew makes the changes that so many of MotoGP™ fans do not get to see.

You can make sure your experience is a grand affair! Here is a little breakdown of the two different types of all-inclusive, Main Grandstand Packages:

Red Bull ChampionshipPlatinum Package: View from the Top 

With the Platinum Packages, you will receive top-level views of the pit lane, starting grid, the first speedy straight, the first turn, the final turn, and the finish line of the grand prix.

With so many perspectives, you will not have any sort of lull in your weekend!  As a Platinum Package patron, it will be impossible to be bored with so many different views.

Seated in the third tier of the Main Grandstand, you will have a broader perspective of the circuit from great heights. The height allows you to see as much as of the circuit as possible from this location.

Gold B Package: Up Close and Personal 

With seats in the lower level of the Main Grandstand, you will be close enough to the pit lane to feel the tenseness of the riders and pit crews before the start of the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix™.

Gold B Package holders will sit just slightly above the circuit about 15-20 yards from the track. You will be some of the closest in all of the crowd to the riders, as they prepare and set off to win the coveted race.

You, too, will get to witness the riders in the pit lane, starting grid, their take-off into the first straight, the first turn, final turn of the race, and the finish line.

Get Every AngleGet Every Angle 

Located right in front of the Main Grandstand are three large-screen TVs to capture every moment of the racing weekend, so you will be able to see all of the crashes, overtakes and winning moments of the race weekend. With seats within the Grandstand, you can count on not missing any crucial moment of the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix™.

VIP Access 

With the Main Grandstand Package, you will not only have access to the in-circuit Velocity Lounge as a part of Circuit of The Americas™, but you will also be able to experience the exclusive, COTA Experiences’ VIP Hospitality Venue.

The Hospitality Venue will be open for you to breeze in and out of on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the grand prix weekend. The venue will feature delicious, gourmet eats for package holders to munch on whenever they are hungry. To really turn the hospitality venue into an all-inclusive experience, there is even an open bar stocked with all your favorite drinks available for VIPs!

Atrium NightAmazing Accommodations 

With COTA Experiences, you will have the option of adding accommodations to your package. Due to COTA Experiences’ Official Partnership with Circuit of The Americas™, it possesses great connections with some of the best hotels in the area!

Even better, you can receive reliable, ground transportation to and from the circuit and the hotel throughout the weekend, to make your experience stress-free! With added accommodations, you can relieve yourself of the frustration of finding and booking a hotel.

Be There!

Official Ticket Packages to the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas™ are now available! You will not want to miss your chance to experience the grand prix with Main Grandstand seating and hospitality!


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