Inside the Sport of Formula 1

As the Formula One™ season approaches, there is still a lot to uncover about the sport of F1™ racing.  We are going to take you inside the world of Formula One™ with some fun facts to enlighten you about the sport:

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The Races 

  • The 20-race Formula One™ circuit spans the globe. The teams visit nearly every corner of the world, making stops everywhere from Singapore to Abu Dhabi to Austin, Texas

The Racecars 

  • The Formula One™ cars, which cost anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars, are ahead of their time.

    The engines and models of the cars have often foreshadowed the future of the cars’ manufacturers, like Porsche, Mercedes and Aston. So next time you watch a race, just think, you may be watching a variation of the next road Mercedes!

  • The cockpits of racecars are so small, the drivers have to remove the steering wheel to enter the car. 

  • According to F1™, the racecars have about the same in common with a jet as ordinary car. The cars can go up to 200 mph during qualifying. The feeling a driver experiences when he hits his brakes at that speed is compared to that of running a car into a brick wall.  Yikes!

The Drivers 

USGP Lefebure

  • Drivers lose approximately three whole liters of water during each race. To keep from being dehydrated, drivers drink lots of water prior to the grand prix and keep a bottle of water in the car with them. Due to the water loss, some drivers lose up to eight pounds during any given grand prix.

Driver Placement 

  • Number one is given to the driver who is the standing champion and number two is given to his teammate. The rest of the drivers are assigned numbers based on their performance at the race previous.

The Rules 

  • The rules change per season. No rule is set in stone forever. Every season, the FIA assesses the previous season’s regulations to see if there are adjustments needing to be made. This year, there were several changes made to the regulations.

The Future 

  • It looks like women may be coming to Formula One™ racing, as well. In 2014, Williams-Martini Racing’s Susie Wolff became the first woman in 22 years to be a part of a Formula One™ race weekend. She participated in two practice rounds at the British and German Grand Prixs. We will definitely be looking out for her and more female drivers participating in the near future.

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