Tickets to Red Bull Grand Prix: Perfect Valentine's Gift Compromise

A good Valentine’s Day gift can be hard to find. Planning a getaway for you and your significant other may seem like a good idea, but how do you pick the location? And how can you find something both of you can equally look forward to and enjoy equally?

Valentine’s Day weekend will be here before you know it, and if you do not have a gift planned yet for the one you love, we have a great compromise for both of you!

If you are looking for a great weekend getaway to give your significant other with for Valentine’s Day, we have a perfect solution: a weekend trip to the spring 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas™!

There are several reasons you and your special someone will both be able to enjoy this trip: 

1. Location 

One of the best things about the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix is its location: Austin, Texas! The city is a hub of culture, music and food. Due to it being full of endless entertainment, it is a bucket list getaway for most people.

PackagesWith COTA Experiences' Official Ticket Packages, you can opt to add accommodations to your experience at one of the finest hotels in the area, conveniently located near the circuit and the heart of downtown.

With accommodations, you will also receive reliable transportation to and from the circuit. With the provided-for accommodations and transportation, you will never have to go to the trouble of making reservations yourself or having to navigate through Austin traffic, which we all know can put a damper on romance. 

2. All-Inclusive

With COTA Experiences' Official Ticket Packages, you two can have a completely all-inclusive trip to the only official MotoGP™ grand prix in the United States in 2015! 

Package holders will receive VIP status and have exclusive access to the exclusive, in-circuit hospitality venue. The hospitality suite will act as a perfect hideaway for you and your special someone to escape to if the crowds or heat get overwhelming.

COTA VIPs will enjoy gourmet food and access to a premium open-bar while relaxing in the climate-controlled hospitality room featuring closed-circuit TV coverage of the grand prix events, ensuring you won't miss any of the action despite being away from your seat. 

3. Thrills

The thrills are never ending at a MotoGP™ grand prix! Between the riders, the overtakes, the crashes and the speed, you will be on the edge of your seat for the majority of the race! 

MotoGP United States Grand Prix QuintEvents Riders in casual clothes4. Celebrities

MotoGP™ races are never short on celebrities!

With COTA Experiences’ packages, you will have the opportunity to mingle with MotoGP™ stars! Package holders will have the chance to attend meet-and-greets and Q & A's with MotoGP™ riders and legends.

Circuit of The Americas'

Vantage Points:

Circuit of The Americas is a recently built, state-of-the-art circuit unlike any other! A favorite of riders and fans, the circuit includes multiple seating options for MotoGP™ fans. 

Paddock Building Packages

Paddock seating gives you views of the start/finish line, pit lane and the MotoGP™ paddock.

View more about the Paddock Building >> 

Main Grandstand PackagesMain Grandstand Packages

The Main Grandstand will give you an up-close experience at the grand prix with views of the starting grid, the first straight, first and final turns, finish line and pit area.

View more about the Main Grandstand >> 

Turn Packages

Turn packages allow you to pick from several different crucial turning points during the grand prix or switch up your experience with seating at a different turn each day of the race weekend.

View more about the Turns >>

Ready to start planning your Valentine’s Day gift? 

All you have to do is head to the COTA Experiences’ website and pick out the package perfect for you. Then, you will decide whether or not to opt for accommodations and transportation.

Once you select your package, you can either fill out the necessary information on the form or contact an official COTA Experiences’ Representative at 1-866-801-6975. It will be a getaway you and your loved one will never forget!

Plan Your V-Day Gift Getaway!

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