What is the Lone Star Le Mans?

North American sports car racing seriesThe world of auto racing is quite the complex one. There’s tons of different championships that test not only the drivers’ skill, talent, and endurance but also the vehicles themselves.  There are championships that test just about anything you can think of, from speed to engine type to fuel/energy type!

You might’ve heard people excitingly talk about the 2015 Lone Star Le Mans in Austin, Texas, later this year. But what is it? What type of championship is it?

The Lone Star Le Mans is the result of a merger between two existing North American sports car racing series, the American Le Mans Series and the Rolex Sports Car Series. The Lone Star Le Mans is actually still two different championships, the TUDOR SportsCar Championship and the FIA World Endurance Championship.

The TUDOR United SportsCar ChampionshipWhat is the TUDOR SportsCar Championship?

Explaining this one can be a doozy, so I’ll take it slow. The TUDOR United SportsCar Championship features two styles of cars, Prototype and GT (Grand Touring). Each style of car has two classes, Pro and Pro-AM. Still with me? That means that there are four classes of racing on track together at the same time, each with their own battle to take the lead!

Pro & Pro-Am

The Pro classes typically feature a professional driver line up while the Pro-Am classes pair a professional driver and amateur driver.

To help fans easily identify a class of car, the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship implemented a new color system. Pro class vehicle is designated with red markings on the number panel, mirror, windscreen banner, rear wing end plate, class decal and leader light, and Pro-Am classes are designated by blue markings respectively.

The TUDOR Championship provides a fan-friendly atmosphere where spectators enjoy unparalleled access to the cars, drivers and competitors throughout a typical race weekend in the open paddock area.

The FIA World Endurance ChampionshipWhat is the FIA World Endurance Championship?

The World Endurance Championship is at the forefront of the technological research and development which goes into the road cars of tomorrow. Regulations push motor manufacturers to consistently develop new innovations.

The FIA World Endurance Championship also has three classes: The Le Mans Prototype 1, Le Mans Prototypes 2, and the Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance.

Le Mans Prototypes

Le Mans Prototypes are either open or closed cockpit cars with no production minimum required. Generally produced specially for the 24 Hours du Mans, but also for FIA WEC Endurance Championship / ELMS / ALMS races, these cars are developed exclusively for on-track competitions, fulfilling the requirements of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest technical regulations. Because of their performances and level of technological development, they have a star status within Endurance Racing.

Le Mans Prototypes are divided into two categories:

  • LMP1 – designated more to manufacturers
  • LMP2 – designated only to teams independent of manufacturers and/or engine suppliers

Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance

The Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance car ("LM" GTE) is a car having an aptitude for sport with 2 doors, 2 or 2+2 seats, opened or closed, which can be used perfectly legally on the open road and available for sale thanks to the dealer network of a manufacturer recognized by the Endurance Committee.

This category also includes two groups:

  • LMGTE-Pro – a group designated more specifically to professionals
  • LMGTE-AM – a group designated only to amateurs

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