4 Reasons to Attend MotoGP™ Austin 2016

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Forget spring cleaning – start a new tradition in 2016 by ushering in the spring season with the continuation of the MotoGP Championship in Austin, Texas!  The Grand Prix of the Americas will feature 3 days of spectacular racing as the world’s most talented and skilled riders line up to compete for the title of world champion.  In case you need some convincing, we’ve laid out four of the most obvious reasons to attend this event below!

The Track

Circuit of The Americas is a world-class motorsports and entertainment venue in Austin that opened in 2012 and also plays host to races such as the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix and the United SportsCar Racing Series.  The track itself is 3.4 miles long, featuring 11 left turns, 9 right turns, and a 130 foot elevation change.  The map of the track (below) depicts the sharp turns and elevation changes that make this track so unique, as well as typical speeds seen on the track during Formula 1 races.

Circuit of The Americas Track

Austin not only plays the role of Texas’ state capital and hosts Circuit of The Americas events, it’s also considered the unofficial ‘live music capital of the world.’  Spring is notoriously hot in Austin, so if you’re looking to cool off, head to the natural swimming hole at Hamilton Pool and take in the beauty of the waterfall.  Head to 6th Street after dark to see the live music in action and experience the nightlife of Austin – Parish comes highly recommended!  Looking for more tips?  Check out our recent post on 15 things to see/do in Austin!

The Speed

2013 MotoGP Championship Bikers on TurnThe highest speed ever recorded for any MotoGP motorcycle was 218 mph by Andrea Iannone at the 2015 Italian Grand Prix.  Don’t even think about trying that at home.  The cutting-edge motorcycle technology and prototype machinery developed for these competitions are capable of producing over 200hp, going 0-60 mph in three seconds, and achieving lean angles as low as 45 degrees.  The level of danger involved in this style of racing is extreme, but riders are very skilled and a number of safety measures are in place to protect each competitor.  Rest up before attending each race, because the palpable adrenaline rush felt by each spectator doesn’t let up until long after the checkered flag flies.

The Riders

Just consider the differences between the titles of ‘rider’ and ‘driver’ – the very words imply that the driver of a car possesses more control over his vehicle than does the rider of a motorcycle.  The presence of only two tyres adds another challenge to the riders, as balance is key in keeping the motorcycle upright and navigating turns.  Legendary rider Valentino Rossi’s 13-point lead was eliminated just this past week, yet he still remains tied for first with Jorge Lorenzo in the MotoGP World Championship standings.  Seven races remain to determine the world champion, and recent events suggest that there will be no shortage of surprises and upsets as these races play out.

The Excitement

The subtraction of two wheels and the fact that races are still held even in wet conditions add to the intrigue and the drama surrounding a MotoGP event.  Circuit of The Americas Experiences can support the entire MotoGP experience for you and your guests, providing packages complete with your tickets, VIP access passesMain Grandstand Seating, commemorative souvenirs, transportation, hotel accommodations, and more!  In addition to great seats, all of our packages grant access to an exclusive on-site party inside the Paddock Building where you can enjoy a full premium open bar, gourmet buffets, MotoGP Celebrity Appearances and much more – there are no mediocre experiences in our expansive selection of packages!

Turn Packages

Thrill seekers, look no further!  These premium Turns are in perfect locations to spot overtaking riders at key points in the race.  You’ll witness the high speed cornering and break away straights with top speeds of 200 mph in these privileged seating areas that include a variety of insider extras.  Check out our Multi-Turn, Turn 15, and Turn 1 Packages for more details!

Main Grandstand Packages

An up close view of the heart-pumping action!  From fantastic views of the starting grid to the screaming straight, Turn 1, the final turn (Turn 20), the finish line, the pit area and the 3 large big screens directly in front of the Main Grandstand, you won’t miss a minute of the action.  Enjoy insider extras, VIP access, and the amenities of our exclusive Hospitality Party Venue as these packages leave nothing to be desired.  Choose from our Platinum or Gold B Package to ensure all the extras you and your guests want.

Paddock Building Packages

With privileged views of the Start/Finish Line, the Pit Lane, and the MotoGP Paddock, superb catering to make sure that everything is taken care of throughout the weekend, and an exclusive entertainment program, this package will ensure that this event is an experience to remember! 

Attend MotoGP™ Austin 2016

Don’t miss out on discovering 2016’s emerging talents and witnessing the excitement of Grand Prix racing in the ultimate test for the finest talents and machinery in motorcycle racing.  Check out the insider extras and VIP access available only through Circuit of The Americas Experiences!

 Secure Your 2016 MotoGP Austin Ticket Package!

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