Are You Doing MotoGP™ the Right Way?

MOTOGP™ THE RIGHT WAYThe final months of 2015 seem to be flying by and before you know it, the 2016 Austin MotoGP™ Championship will be here!  Slated for April 8th-10th at Circuit of The Americas® in Austin, Texas, this will be just the third race in the 2016 MotoGP season, meaning riders will be hitting the pavement with a vengeance as they seek to take an early lead in the standings.  You can bet that one such rider will be Valentino Rossi, who was only two places away from claiming the 2015 MotoGP title this weekend but was ultimately bested by Spanish rider Jorge Lorenzo.  Lorenzo finished first in Valencia, the last race of the season, and earned his third career MotoGP title.

Tensions ran high in the MotoGP world towards the end of the 2015 season, eventually culminating in fingers being pointed and accusations of conspiracy among certain riders and teams.  While bad blood may not be pretty to watch after the race, witnessing these drivers take out their frustrations with one another on the track is bound to be entertaining as the 2016 season begins!  Don’t want to miss a minute of the action and want to make sure you do MotoGP Austin the right way?  Read on.

How’s Your View?

MotoOne of the best features of MotoGP racing is that at many circuits around the world, Circuit of The Americas included, there aren’t really any bad views to be had.  You can enjoy a vantage point of your favorite turn or secure a bird’s-eye view of the finish line – your choice.

Why settle for just one, though?  Get the full MotoGP experience with Circuit of The Americas Experiences’ Multi-Turn Packages!  These packages offer exclusive seating in the Main Grandstand as well as the two most popular turns, Turn 1 and Turn 15.  You’ll have incredible views of the main straight, Turn 1 and Turn 15 action, and a panoramic view of a large portion of the Circuit with each spot!

Can You Escape the Elements?

Watching riders and drivers compensate for the challenge of a wet track in both MotoGP and Formula 1® racing is REALLY cool, we know.  It’s all part of the fun.  You know what’s not so great?  Being stuck weathering rainy weather with nothing protecting you but a thin poncho.  With a Paddock Building Package from Circuit of The Americas Experiences, you’re covered!  The Paddock Building section features covered seat back style seating and is located directly above the pit lane. 

Not worried about a little weather and prefer to take advantage of those multi-turn views?  No matter which package you select, you’ll be able to step into our exclusive on-site party venue in the Paddock Building to take a break from Mother Nature and be refreshed and revitalized by all the extravagant amenities offered there!

Can You Party?

MotoGP Austin Circuit of The Americas

How do you feel about exclusive hospitality between practice rounds, qualifying and race day activities?  With an Official Ticket Package from Circuit of The Americas Experiences, you’ll have an all-access pass to our on-site VIP party located in the Paddock Building.  This venue offers a sanctuary from the elements, a place to reunite with your group and the luxury of a private dining area in close proximity to your seat.  You’ll enjoy a premium open bar, food buffets, simulcast televisions with closed-circuit coverage of the races, racing legend appearances and more!

Experience MotoGP™ Austin the Right Way!

Choose from packages with privileged views of the start and finish line, Pit Lane, and the MotoGP Paddock to experience everything the races have to offer!  The atmosphere will be electric as elite riders line the grid, armed with cutting-edge motorcycle technology and prototype machinery that’s capable of producing over 200hp, reaching 60 mph in three seconds, and achieving lean angles as low as 45 degrees.  Enjoy everything this event has to offer with our Paddock Building package, which includes access to an exclusive on-site party inside the Paddock Building where you’ll enjoy a full premium open bar, gourmet buffets, MotoGP celebrity appearances and much more!

Secure Your 2016 MotoGP Austin Ticket Package! 

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