5 of Our Favorite MotoGP™ Videos

Are you ready for MotoGP™ Austin 2016?  Ready for the thrill and excitement of only two tyres connecting with the track?  The scream of the engines as they race by at speeds of more than 200 mph?  We’ve taken it upon ourselves to pull together some of our favorite videos of MotoGP action to get you pumped for this year’s race!


The incredible lean angles that these prototype machines are capable of achieving has to be our favorite part of MotoGP.  This video, developed by Dorna itself, drops some serious science on how this extreme cornering is possible!



If cornering is our favorite aspect of MotoGP, the sheer amount of overtakes that can happen in just one given minute of a MotoGP race is a very close second!  Check out some of the best overtakes from 2014 in this video.


MotoGP is a highly dangerous motorsport with a significant amount of risk involved, and we hate to see anyone get hurt on the track.  That said, when no serious injuries are sustained, the crashes and spin-outs can be pretty entertaining.  Enjoy this guilt-free collection of non-injurious crashes from the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin!


WARNING:  The following videos are not for the faint of stomach.  They contain quite a bit of on-board footage from trips around Circuit of The Americas™, capturing bikes hitting insane speeds on the straightaways and nearly brushing the ground as they navigate sharp turns.  Proceed with caution and enjoy the action!


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If all that wasn't enough for you, check out this preview of Hitting the Apex!  Narrated by Brad Pitt, this film takes the audience straight to the heart of MotoGP and has already been described by the Los Angeles Times as "a masterwork of motorsports moviemaking."  It was just released, so be on the lookout for it!

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