The holidays are here, and we have the perfect gift for the Formula One fan in your life. Bring them to the 2018 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX™! With 8 packages to choose from and views all around the track, you can’t go wrong with a COTA Experience. We’re taking a closer look at each view to help you make the best selection of your loved one.


USGP Map.png

As you can see, this circuit is one of twists and turns. We have the best views in the Main Grandstand, Turn 1, Turn 4, Turn 12, and Turn 15. Each seat provides an unobstructed view of the track and gives you a unique opportunity to see race.


platinum package.png

Sitting in the Main Grandstand area allows for you to see the starting line and the big finish! You also have views of Turn 1 and Turn 20 and the celebration stage.

Gold Packages

Gold Packages.png

Gold packages are also located in the Main Grandstand with views of the starting line, finish line, Turn 1 and Turn 20.

Turn 1
Turn 1.png

As the first turn of the race, cars come at you full speed! See the cars come down the straight up the hill at 133 feet (the highest point of the track) and hit one of the craziest turns in Formula One.

Turn 4

turn 4-1.png

Sitting at Turn 4 gives you views of Turn 3, 4, 5, and 6. Watch as the cars speed by you and one of the most iconic landmarks in Formula One, the tower.

Turn 12

TUrn 12.png

This is one of the most intense hairpin turns in Formula One and this is the perfect seat for all the crazy action. The cars hit this turn full speed and you won’t want to miss it.

Turn 15

TUrn 15.png
Turn 15 is one of the best seats on the track as you see several twists and turns around you before heading back to the finish line.

Gift USGP 

No matter what package you go with, you’re making the right decision. Each package comes with VIP perks including shuttle service, fast access, transportation, and hotel accommodations. You can complete the experience by adding access to the Champions Club formerly the Legends Cub. Don’t delay put this under the tree this Christmas. Click below for more information or call us at 866.801.6975.

Take me to the 2018 F1 USGP!

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