Top 5 MotoGP Tracks, Ranked

The 2019 MotoGP™ season will take riders to 19 of the most prestigious tracks on the globe, each with their own merits and challenges presented. 

But, as it goes in most sports, some circuits around the world garner more attention than others. Whether it's from the location, scenery or sheer difficulty, some tracks reign supreme over the competition. As teams and riders gear up for the 2019 season, we're looking at the top 5 MotoGP tracks on the calendar this year.

Ranking is always a controversial act, and this is piece is opinion based, so please let us know what you think are the top 5 tracks in the sport by commenting below. 

The Top 5 MotoGP Tracks

5. Misano World Circuit

Where: Rimini, Italy

Circuit Record: 1'32.678 — Andrea Dovizioso

Most Wins: Jorge Lorenzo — 3

While technically originating in 1970, the Misano World Circuit has only been a consistent staple on the MotoGP calendar since 2007. 

This track features some of the tightest and most technical turns that you'll find, highlighted by Curva Quercia and Curva del Carro. 

While technically not a complete "straight", the back portion of this circuit offers a long space for riders to reach incredible top speeds. The record top speed recorded on this track is 299.5 km/h. 

4. Brno Circuit

Where: Brno, Czech Republic

Circuit Record: 1'56.027 — Dani Pedrosa

Most Wins: Valentino Rossi — 5

To win at this Czech track, you better be ready to climb. 

Placed right in the middle of the Brno hillsides, this 5.4 kilometer circuit has one of the toughest elevation patterns on the whole MotoGP schedule. Following Turn 10, riders see a 7.5-percent ascent towards the finish line — meaning it is literally an uphill battle if a rider has hopes of finishing first. 

Overall, Brno has a 73.75 meter difference in elevation throughout the track, which creates a very unique challenge for teams to tackle in preparation for this specific race. 

While Brno has been a host site for the Czech Republic Grand Prix since 1950, the modern circuit has only been in place since 1987. The upgrade was to remove the public roads from the track.

3. Phillip Island Circuit

Where: Phillip Island, Australia

Circuit Record: 1'28.108 — Marc Marquez

Most Wins: Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi — 6

Motor racing has a century-long history on this island off of Australia's southeast coast, but MotoGP has been a consistent presence since 1997. 

Phillip Island is easily the most scenic of any track on the Grand Prix schedule, boasting views of the Australian cliff-side and Bass Strait as far as the eye can see. But when your eyes lock back onto the circuit, the action is some of the best you'll get in the sport. 

This is a track built for pure speed, featuring fluid turns that rally momentum rather than stall it. Turns 4 and 10 are the sharpest you'll find on the circuit, but even they don't compare to some of the action you'll see at Siberia (Turn 6) and the Southern Loop (Turn 2). 

One of the key characteristics of Phillip Island is the consistent amount of overtakes you'll see during the 27 lap race. The smooth corners allow for more chance taking and provides one of the most exciting races of the season. 

2. circuit of The Americas™

Where: Austin, Texas

Circuit Record: 2'03.575 — Marc Marquez

Most Wins: Marc Marquez — 6

Circuit of The Americas

MotoGP's annual stop in America is well worth the wait. Circuit of The Americas™, built in 2012, is the first Grand Prix facility built in the United States, and is most well known for being the home to the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas for MotoGP™ and the F1® United States Grand Prix. 

Remember when we were talking about the elevation at Brno? Well COTA doesn't just leave the gigantic rise for the end of the race. In fact, you're expected to climb going right into the first turn in Austin! COTA rises a total of 41 meters over the course of the track, which ranks the highest among any of the circuits in MotoGP. 

While COTA doesn't maintain the history that the other tracks on this list possess, it still holds the claim as the most modern. While less than a decade old, COTA pays respect to tracks of old, blending tight turns, speed-filled straightaways and elevation increases into a perfect package. 

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1. TT Circuit Assen

Where: Assen, Netherlands

Circuit Record: 1'33.617 — Marc Marquez

Most Wins: Valentino Rossi — 3

There are certain venues in sports that kids grow up dreaming of one day playing within its confines. Madison Square Garden for basketball, Fenway Park for fans of America's pastime, and Churchill Downs for admirers of the biggest horse race in the world. 

In the MotoGP world, Assen is the theater that you fantasize about performing in. This track has highlighted this Dutch city since 1925, and has hosted Grand Prix events since the first year of the Motorcycle World Championship since 1949. 

However, the current circuit at Assen was constructed in 1955 in an attempt to create a more modern style of track — the original circuit was run through public roads. The end product is the track that we see today, a flat landscape that harnesses speed as well as it corrals the best riders to ever grace the track. 

The 4.5 kilometer (2.82 mile) track features some rapid turns, including the teardrop series of directional shifts starting at Turn 1 and going through Turn 4. Riders who finish first in this 118.1 kilometer race don't only revel in success in the moment, but have officially left their stamp on a track with over a half-century of history. 

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