Where To Sit for MotoGp™ Austin


Grand Prix of the Americas is just around the corner and you’re excited to get to Austin for all the MotoGP action. Only one problem, you have no clue where to sit. It’s ok, we didn’t either for our first race! There are so many options at Circuit of The Americas that it can be overwhelming when trying to decide. We are here to help you navigate the track and look at the views from the best seats at Circuit of The Americas.


While there are 20 turn locations around the track, we’ve selected the top five to make your decision easier! Here’s a look at the track and each turn location.

Circuit of The Americas

Paddock Building

Not only will you have views of pit lane - here you will have views of the starting line, finish line, Turn 1, and Turn 20.  See the race start and finish every single time.


We call this Platinum and Gold but this seat location is considered the Main Grandstand. Here you will have views of the starting line, finish line, Turn 1, and Turn 20.  


This is the first turn of the race and boy, do bikes come at you full speed! Here you’ll see the bikes come straight up the hill at 133 feet (the highest point of the track) and hit one of the craziest turns in Formula One. You can also catch distant views of the starting line and finish line from here.

TURN 15:

This turn is the last of the hairpin Turns and allows you views of Turns 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. This is the wackiest and craziest turn sequence of the race and you’ll have the best views.


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